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S T A M P M A N 9
S T A M P M A N 9
Ph: 204-223-7809
United States Newly Issued Stamps Yes, I do provide Newly Issued United States Postage Stamps. This is a new service being offered. I have yet to work out some of the details but here is the jest of it. About two years ago, I was asked by a fellow Winnipeg Philatelic Society member to acquire some new US issues for him. It took very little time to figure out why he didn’t simply order them in himself. It’s almost impossible. There is red tape beyond reason when dealing from out of country with the Unites States Postal Service. The long and short of it is that I was finally able to secure a source where I can purchase new US issues as they are released. It’s not perfect but it works and it’s at cost (Face) plus shipping. A postal import fee applies when GST is collected on items over $20.00 Canadian. The US service also provides back issues depending on availability or on what is in stock. They were able to find a 2 year old issue for me. I am not stocking new US issues nor do I plan to. To stock them with no guarantee of a sale is at best unaffordable. Instead, I order in specific items as requested. But there are problems… One problem is that with some issues, one has to purchase either a complete roll for coil stamps or an entire sheet on some select issues and some mini sheets only come in a pack or as part of a bigger package. An example is the $2.00 Inverted Jenny issue: you must buy the 6 stamps. But many other stamps are available as singles. What I am offering is an easy way to obtain some of the newly issued US stamps without having to go through the hoops of setting up an account. You identify the stamps that you want and leave the ordering to me. There is a 20% commission on the total cost. Here are some of the conditions that apply and these are subject to change. 1) I may ask for a substantial cash deposit especially so for higher value purchases. 2) You pay for the lot whether the lot is as described or not and is satisfactory or not. 3) There is a 20% commission on the total cost once all fees are converted to the Canadian dollar. 4) I reserve the right to refuse or to cancel this service to anyone. As mentioned before, this is a new service being offered. Hopefully with time and with more clients I can combine purchases and save us all some money on the mailing costs. I don’t expect this service to be widely used but it is here and with time and with more new contacts who knows… I am also registered with the Norwegian Postal Service. The same rules and conditions apply.
U.S.A. Newly Issued Stamps
Artwork By Bruce Delikatny