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S T A M P M A N 9
S T A M P M A N 9
Ph: 204-223-7809
Yes, I do purchasing for you online. However… This is a limited service and there are conditions that apply. I generally reserve this service for clients that I know well. Clients tend to be individuals who either do not have regular computer access or people who do not have a PayPal account and do not want to use their credit card online. Maybe you are out of town or out of computer range for a while. Maybe you don't want to register with an auction firm for a one time purchase. In some of these instances, this service might be of use for you. An example of this service as follows: You see a lot on E-Bay or similar website. You contact me and provide me with the lot numbers and provide me with your maximum bid amounts. I place the bid for you and keep an eye on the sale. I increase the bid if needed but I keep it within your maximum. If we win the lot, I pay for the lot and associated fees and shipping using PayPal. The lot is mailed or shipped to my home address. Once received, I contact you and we make arrangements for pickup or delivery. You reimburse me the costs involved plus a commission of 20% on the overall price of the lot including any buyer's fees and shipping. Some of the conditions that apply are as follows and are subject to change. 1) I must know you or have dealt with you for some time. 2) I make no guarantee that the lot will be won. 3) I may ask for a substantial cash deposit on higher value lots or purchases. 4) I do not use "Sniping" software to place bids electronically. 5) You pay for the lot whether the lot is as described or not and is satisfactory or not. 6) You are responsible to ensure that the lot can or will be sent to Canada. 7) You need to be aware of the sellers shipping costs and conditions of sale. There have been some surprises found in the fine print after the sale is done. Ex: We only ship by courier or minimum shipping cost $22.00 US, Or: bidding is in British Pound or in Euros, etc. 8) I reserve the right to refuse or to cancel this service to anyone. I don't do a lot of these types of purchases because most people today have full computer access but I do provide this service for a few individuals for reasons of their own. The need to know you should be self-explanatory. I do not want to get stuck with a lot that someone decides they no longer want or suddenly can't afford. The same applies for my requesting a deposit. Also, I cannot be sitting in front of a computer all of the time or at odd hours of the day or night just to watch and bid in the last minutes of a sale. I place your bid at an appropriate time and we hope for the best.
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