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S T A M P M A N 9
S T A M P M A N 9
Ph: 204-223-7809
Postage Stamps on your Envelopes I wish to provide you with a service that will save you time and money and potentially improve the response rate to your letters or correspondence. 1) I will sell to you, Canadian postage stamps at a discount rate: 10% off face value, saving you money and the tax in the process. Save 15% in total. 2) I apply the postage stamps to envelopes of your choice, saving you possessing time. 3) I do not collect GST therefore saving you 5% on the total purchase. 4) I use only valid mint Canadian postage stamps. I use 2, 3 or sometimes 4 stamps per envelope to equal the domestic postal rate. This makes for very colorful and interesting envelopes getting the recipients attention. Response rates have been known to improve. 5) I will issue you a formal business receipt for the total of the purchase, good for tax purposes. 6) I will pick up then deliver your stamped envelopes to your place of business. Minimum order of 50 envelopes. 1 CASE OF ENVELOPES = 500 LETTERS My rate with stamps on envelopes: $ 382.50 500 x .85c. = $ 425.00 425.00 @ 90% = $ 382.50 Canada Post Rate (Until March, 2014): $ 446.25 At the regular Canada Post rate: 500 x .85c. = $ 425.00 $ 425.00 x 5% GST = + 21.25 Total = $ 446.25 Total savings on 500 envelopes: $ 63.75 Total savings per envelope: .128c (.13c) Roger Fontaine Ph. 204-223-7809
Postage On Your Envelopes
Artwork By Bruce Delikatny