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S T A M P M A N 9
S T A M P M A N 9
Ph: 204-223-7809
Commercial Mailings Yes, I do commercial mailings. Discount Postage Stamps on your Envelopes. As a stamp collector and part time stamp dealer, I end up at times with lots of extra mint Canadian postage stamps. I am offering them to you at 90% of face value and no GST. You supply the envelopes of your choice and I will affix the stamps onto the envelopes and return them to you, ready for use. Save time and money. Save approx. $63.75 on a case of 500 envelopes. Save .13c a letter. Minimum order of 50 envelopes. (NOTE: The Postal Rate for a domestic letter has gone up to .85c as of March 31, 2014) Will pick up and deliver. All stamps guaranteed mint and are all valid postage. Various values used, sometimes 2, sometimes 3 or 4 stamps per envelope. Looks good and your letters get the attention you want. Great for promoting sales. Receipts are issued if required for business purposes. Call Roger at 204-223-7809 (Taken from my ad on Kijiji - Winnipeg – buy and sell – industrial - discount postage stamps on your envelopes). I will keep providing this service for as long as I have mint postage to use. There has been no lack of mint Canadian stamps for as long as I can recall. Please note that with the upcoming rate increase it means that I will likely have to use multiple stamps per envelope. I do try to keep it to as few stamps as possible. I often use pairs or blocks of 4 of a given value which translates to time saved. The end product still looks good and complies with postal regulations. A box of 500 envelopes will generally take me about 2 or 3 days to complete.
Commercial Mailings
Artwork By Bruce Delikatny