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S T A M P M A N 9
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Stamp Collection Appraisals Yes, I do appraisals. Ever wonder what your stamp collection is worth? What are its strengths? What is the local market offering? What are your various options with an old collection... maybe one that you inherited or one you happened upon? Have your collection appraised. Get the answers and options that you need in order to make a sound decision. Whether you are thinking or investing or selling, it's always good to get solid advice about what you own. I've helped numerous individuals like you find buyers for their collection or I have guided them to a reasonable and realistic solution as to what to do with all these stamps. An appraisal costs a lot less then you may think. Let's talk stamps... (Taken from my ad on Kijiji - Winnipeg - Hobbies & Crafts - Stamps) The appraisal of a stamp collection is done for a variety of reasons and the most common of course is to determine its value. At times this is for estate planning, at times its curiosity and sometimes it is to obtain guidance as to what to do with a collection. A good appraisal will give an idea of what you have which in turn gives you information as to what to do next. What I provide you with is a consultation at the same time. All stamp collections have value. All collections are somewhat different from one another and so different options are pointed out. The value is affected by such things as condition, how well organized the collection is and of course by the very stamps it contains. Are the stamps used, mint or mint never hinged? Has the collection suffered humidity? The value is also affected by such things such as the collection's overall strengths, what is the local stamp market like and what are the "out of town" stamp markets offering. During the appraisal, I'll explain the difference between dealer price, market value and catalog value. Some immediate advice for example is to not "piece meal" the collection or let someone "cherry pick" though it. If you want to sell it, it's always best to sell it in its entirety. You'll end up with a better price overall. More advice is to keep the collection stored in a dry and elevated place, never on basement floor or worst yet in a shed at the lake… that collection came precariously close to going into a fire pit until someone thought "Hey, are stamps not worth money". Once you know the approximate value of your collection, there are numerous options for you to choose from. I can guide you with this. Options range from direct sale to donation. For some, where to donate a collection can be an important decision. Another choice you may consider is carrying on with the hobby. A few people I've assisted chose this option once they got an appreciation and an understanding of stamp collecting as a hobby. For others, I've arranged for a direct sale to a local collector. Every choice comes with its own pros and cons. I will point these out for you. The cost of the appraisal is based on how much material there is for me to go through. Most of the appraisals that I have done have cost the owner between $25.00 and $50.00. If, after the appraisal, I decide that I would like to buy the collection at an agreed price, then there is no appraisal fee. The value of the appraisal is in the advice and expertise that you receive. I prefer doing appraisals at my home. This allow me to have quick access to all my reference materials and I know the lighting will be adequate. We sit in the kitchen. I suggest that you bring with you all of the stamp related items that you have. That includes the box of this or the box of that. It all has some value. For example: A bag of loose stamps still on the paper from the envelope, or the envelopes themselves or the hardware that comes with collecting. I will do appraisals at your home if you have mobility or transportation issues. I have also travelled out of Winnipeg under special circumstance to appraise larger collections, Brandon, Kenora, Fort Francis to name a few places. Most appraisals take about 1 to 2 hours. A small album or two and a cigar box of loose material might take less than an hour would be $25.00. A suitcase full or 3 to 4 boxes of albums and binders etc. can take 2 or 3 hours or more. That would be $50.00. I'm available to do appraisals most weekday evening and on most weekends. We meet when it's most convenient for you. I'd be happy to do an appraisal for you. I will endeavor to answer your questions and if I don't know the answer I will say so and try to find that answer for you. I hope to get the opportunity to assist you with your collection. In closing, one more bit of advice… Always remember that you are the owner of the collection. You and you alone decide the outcome of your collection. Never let anyone pressure you into selling it or giving it away if you're not comfortable with that idea. Anyone who tells you that what you have is junk is not doing you a favor. All stamp collections have value. What is yours worth? Call me and we can better discuss details. 204-223-7809. E-mail inquiries may take a day or two for a reply.
Artwork By Bruce Delikatny