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Roger Fontaine: Roger grew up on a farm in the Red River valley in southern Manitoba. He has been a collector most of his life. On his 8th birthday, his parents got him a junior stamp collecting kit and the rest is history. Roger was part of setting up a stamp club at his boarding home during his high school years in Winnipeg. He is a founding member of the Scandinavian Collectors Club of Manitoba; Chapter 24 of the Scandinavian Collectors Club Int'l. He is presently the local club's secretary / treasurer. He also maintains the SCC Canada Stamp Circuit Book System available to Canadian SCC members. Roger has been a member of the Winnipeg Philatelic Society since 1998. He is a member of the Red River Bourse Group since 2009 and quite enjoys being a stamp dealer.
Tess Fontaine: Tess is native to Winnipeg. She and Roger married in 2006. She has been a strong supporter and a source of encouragement to her husband's new business as a stamp dealer. Tess is at times referred to as "The Collector" not because she has a collection of Royals on stamps but because she's the one that will show up at your house or place of work to collect an outstanding debt. She can often be seen driving around Winnipeg delivering stamp packages to clients or delivering stamp lots to auctions. Tess is presently the Vice President of the Winnipeg Philatelic Society. (We hope your dues are paid up; Hint Hint) She is also the Show Chairperson for the local stamp show, come spring 2014.
Miranda Rose: Miranda is Tess and Roger's granddaughter. Her first stop when she visits is at the top of the stairs where she yells "Pa Pa", "Pa Pa" in an attempt to get grandpa away from his stamp desk and office. She likes to bring and show "Nice" stamps to Grandma Tess. She can occasionally be seen running out of grandpa's stamp office with a hinge or two stuck to her nose or forehead. She's our little trooper and was quite the hit at the Winnipeg Royal 2013 Royale Stamp Show in June.
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